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The Evil Within New Screenshots

Yesterday Bethesda released a couple of awesome screenshots for its upcoming game, The Evil Within. The Evil Within is expected to arrive  in 2014 and the best part, the game will be available to all platforms,PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. Do you think this game will be scary ? leave your responses below.

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YouTube App Coming to Xbox One at Launch


Microsoft has announced today that Xbox One will be receiving the YouTube app at launch. Microsoft says that you will be able to stream videos at 1080p so you could enjoy their full glory.  Here are the features that will be coming to the app at lunch.

  • Voice - Control the app just by saying “YouTube” wherever you are in the app. Commands like play, pause and fast forward will instantly pop up on-screen.
  • Gesture - Grab the screen to scroll through videos and use your hand to pick which one you want to watch.
  • Subscriptions – Stay up-to-date with all of your favorite channels so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Also here is a screenshot of the app active in the Xbox One.


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Giant Xbox One Appears in Toronto

After appearing in Vancouver and Montreal,  the Canadian giant Xbox One decides to arrive to Toronto. The giant was placed out in Yonge & Dundas Square, and as usual “pledge” your gamertag to unlock it.

The pictures used in this article are courtesy of Twitter users The GCE and NinthNexus.

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Xbox One Kinect VS Xbox 360 Kinect, Which Better

So, Xbox One is arriving in just 5 days and many people just can’t wait to put their hands on the new toy, so am I, but I am more curious of how Kinect 2.0 will look in comparison to the 360 Kinect. Now thanks to an image from imgur we got a have a full view and full understanding in the difference between 360 Kinect and Xbox One Kinect 2.0. Check out the image below.


As you can see Kinect 2.0 is much smaller than its brother 360 Kinect, also as we see Kinect 2.0 looks totally different from 360 Kinect version, now we got only one eye in Kinect 2.0 instead of the 3 ones in 360 Kinect. In my opinion Kinect 2.0 is much better than 360 Kinect.

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One vs 360 controller comparisons

Xbox One controller is already out  being delivered to those who had pre-ordered the consoles and the controller, you can also buy the controller right now, and lucky we have our hands on the controller  and decided to do a compression between the 360 and the One controllers.


As you see nothing really changed in the controller, same old buttons at the same old places. The only change I had probably noticed is the sleek design, the controller seems to be a bit lighter but i don’t thing you will notice that. Check out the gallery below.

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Skylanders Is Also On Sale For Xbox One

Few minutes ago we had reported that there were 4 games on sale for Xbox One, now we take it back, one of our friends has just picked up Skylanders for his Xbox One and emailed an image of the game to us. Check it out, Xbox One games are being wildly sold and the consoles is not even out.

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3 More Games Are Out To the The Wild For Xbox One

Not long ago we had posted about Ghost being available for Xbox One in some stores and now thanks to Mike TMusic.Is.LifeYoonsang David YuDakota Hoover, and Stephen Bell who had tweeted images of 3 games that are already available for sale in some retailers. Those games are NBA 2K14, Ryse: Son of Rome and Battlefield 4. Now we see 4 games being sold in the wild for Xbox One, and the console is not even out.  You can check out the screenshots below.

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Few Hot Thief screenshots and concept art show the game’s first mission Lockdown

Today Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal has released couple of screenshots for Thief, showing us screenshots and concept art taken from a mission at the beginning of the game called Lockdown. According to the level’s description: “Baron Northcrest has enforced a ruthless lockdown on the population of the City to control the uprising and quell the spread of a mysterious sickness that spreads through the streets, gripping people’s minds with crippling nightmares and terrible voices in their heads. Nobody feels safe from the sickness that the people on the streets call ‘The Gloom’.” Garrett is required to reach his hideout on the other side of the lockdown, but during the process of getting there, he overhears that some valuable items have been placed in a nearby jewelry store. And that’s why he chooses to stop by the store and steal some stuff.  Here are the screenshots, ENJOY.

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Lots of screenshots on the web showing Xbox One UI


Thanks to target, we know have lots of screenshots of the Xbox One. Few days ago twitter user Moonlightswami had received his Xbox One from Target, 2 weeks before the official launch by mistake. Moonlightswami had posted some interesting pictures on twitter showing off Xbox One UI , dashboard and the market as well as other features. He also got a chance to get the “day one patch” which weighted hefty 500 Mb. You can check out the screenshots below, lots of them.

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A giant Xbox One just appeared downtown Montreal


Apparently one hotel is not enough for Microsoft for spreading the word about Xbox One. Microsoft had put a huge 40 foot Xbox One  near Ste-Catherine avenue downtown Montréal. This giant had appeared also in Vancouver few days back. It seems like Microsoft is all hyper with the launch of its latest and maybe greatest console, which will be available to all of us November 22  or in 2 weeks. Vancouver invites players to approach their gamertag to enter through the promotion # XboxOneSource . If you are in Montreal, you can enter your gamertag from the menu of the Xbox 360 or on the Internet / onesource site. By submitting identifying player , their ” gametag ” fans can unlock unique experiences and rewards, such as the Apocalypse zombie inspired by Dead Rising 3 held in Vancouver. Identifying each subject will contribute to unlocking these experiences.

” Xbox One been the biggest launch in the history of Xbox, says Craig Flannagan , Director of Marketing , Xbox, Microsoft Canada. We have gathered the best exclusive games , there was the ultimate in multiplayer experience and service as well as outstanding entertainment to celebrate this launch with the community the most dedicated in the industry. “

“We take advantage of the enthusiasm generated in Vancouver by developing our second information desk said Mario Coculuzzi , Director, Eastern Canada , Microsoft Canada. We continue to celebrate the launch of an unprecedented way with our fans by offering them the opportunity to unlock incredible experiences . “

Thanks, game-focus , we had translated everything.

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